September 11, 2001
WTC and Pentagon Attacks
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9-11 Memorials

Poignant and thoughtful display of photographs with a musical soundtrack in a slide show format dedicated to the victims of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
CNN Day of Terror Video Archive

A chronological collection of the 9-11 streaming videos from the CNN archieve library. The top stories include: the chronology of terror; accounts of terror, tragedy and survival; witnesses to the moment; and descriptive accounts by survivors. September 11 Summary

This is a summary video from many of the channels recorded by the Television Archive. It's ordered by time with clips from the following channels.

NBC - The Today Show pre-events -- CBS (USA) - As they break into news of the impact into the North Tower -- CNN (USA) - As they cut into a commercial to go live from NYC to cover the North Tower -- TV Azteca (Mexico) - Coverage of the North Tower on the morning show "Hechos" -- ABC (USA) - The impact into the South Tower live -- ABC (USA) - Presidential statement from Florida -- WUSA (CBS affiliate in Washington DC) - Breaks into CBS network coverage to report on the Pentagon impact -- WTTG (Fox affiliate in Washington DC) - Coverage of the collapse of the South Tower -- NBC (USA) - Live coverage of the South Tower collapse -- NTVi (Russia) - A news bulletin relating to the collapse of the South Tower -- CCTV4 (China) - A news bulletin with both Tower collapses. -- CBC Newsworld (Canada) - Live coverage of the collapse of the North Tower -- CNN (USA) - First video from the Pennsylvania crash -- Iraqi Satellite Channel (Iraq) - New program with information about the attacks in America -- BBC World (UK) - Summary of the day's events -- NHK World (Japan) - NYC coverage with very close South Tower shots -- VOA Worldnet (USA) - Summary of the day's events
September 11, 2001: What We Saw

New Yorkers Bob and Bri used their video recorder to film the World Trade Center from their their 36th floor apartment 500 yards from the north tower. The filming begins shortly after the first plane hit the tower and before emergency vehicles began arriving on the scene. Although the beginning of the film is shown with little background sound, the magnitude of the attack and the personal bravery of the fire fighters and police who responded is underscored when someone opens the window and the sounds of emergency vehicles fills the apartment. The comments made by the videographer are representative of the reaction most Americans felt while watching the scene unfold on their televison sets across the country.
MSNBC - The 9-11 Tapes

This is a collection of 22 tapes from the New York Fire Department. There are also dozens of other tapes of the 9-11 disaster on this site.
YouTube 9-11 Videos

The premier site for watching videos on the net. The extensive listing of 9-11 videos contain images shot by commercial photographers as well as the man in the street. In addition to the documentary films shown on various TV networks around the world, there are some videos used to support various theories as to why the September 11 attacks happened and who the people were behind them. There is also rare footage of the crash site of Flight 93.
AOL 9-11 Videos

Here's a great selection of 9-11 related videos ranging from shots from the day the attack to stories about the victims' families to the latest news from Homeland Security. Listen to chilling sound recordings, and hear eyewitness observations. There's even a trailer for Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 9/11 along with President Bush, megaphone in hand, standing on a pile of rubble with the retired New York firefighter.

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