Why More than 8,000,000 People Have Visited WebcamLocator.com

WebcamLocator.com was created in 2000 for the specific purpose of making it possible to locate and view webcams with one or two clicks. Since that time, more than 8 million people have used our ever expanding directories to do just that.

Throughout the years, we are often asked the same question.

Who are the people that like to look at webcams and why do they spend their time doing so?

Based upon surveys and e-mail, here are just a few of many explanations.

Animal Lovers
Whether it is domesticated pets or those in the wild, animal lovers have numerous webcams available that furnish live views of their favorite. One example: There are tons of horse lovers who watch the foaling barns when a new arrival is due while chatting with other "watchers" at the same time.

The webcams let them see live views of people and places across the globe that they are learning about in school. There are also theme parks to visit and some of the older kids showing off their skills at Skate parks.

Note: WebcamLocator.com is a family oriented site. Consequently, there are no links to personal webcams or any other content that is not suitable for children of all ages.

Office Workers
When there's breaking news about some major event and workers are stuck behind a desk in a room or within a cubicle, they can use the webcams to see what it looks like where the event is happening.

Outdoor Enthusiasts
Before leaving for a day of hiking, climbing, 4-wheeling, fishing, surfing or whatever, the webcams are a quick and easy way to check out current weather conditions regardless of what the forecast may have been.

Can look at cities where their children have moved to or universities they are attending. Although not available to the public, nanny cams let concerned parents check on children's in home care while they are away.

People on The Move
Individuals and families who will be relocating to a new city use the webcams to catch a glimpse of the area they will be living in.

Like the parents, they can check out the cities where their children and grandchildren live. They can also use the webcams to look at cities and attractions they visited over the years and places they plan to visit in the future.

Servicemen and women
The net provides a way for them to actually see how it looks back home while they serve their country at faraway and often dangerous places.

Webcams are popular with teachers who often give class assignments requiring their students to take a virtual trip to different cities and then write reports about their travels.

Traffic webcams enable drivers to avoid congestion on highways they will be travelling while others show what the weather is like at the destination they are headed for.

Webcams are an excellent way to look at cities, areas, attractions, etc. when planning a future vacation or reminiscing about those in the past. This is especially true for the webcams on cruise ships people have already vacationed aboard or plan to cruise on in the future. Several ships provide webcam views of weddings performed while at sea so that family and friends can share in the moment.

Webcam Surfers
Some people simply love looking at webcams just to see what is out there. There are plenty of educational, innovative and just plain fun webcams to look at. These range from views of wild animals in South Africa to a light bulb that has been burning in the Livermore, California fire house since 1901.