Will Your Cruise Ship Wait For You?

What happens when vacationers are late getting back to their cruise ship? Will it sail away without them? Will it return to the dock to pick them up? How do the passengers already aboard ship react to late arrivals?

Check out the videos below for the answer to all of these questions.

Will a cruise ship leave port without you? See for yourself what happens to late arriving passengers on the Carnival Glory.

The Norwegian Sky leaves Nassau without a passenger or two.

Carnival Valor in Cosumel - Passengers were told to be back by 3:30 arrive at the ship 40 minutes late. Some are lucky, others are not.

Navigator of the Seas passengers miss their ship and need a tugboat ride to catch it. The captain had waited 2 hours for them.

See what happens when a lady with a cane shows up late for boarding a cruise ship in Juneau, Alaska

An unfortunate couple of passengers arrive at the dock a few minutes after the Carnival Glory has cast off and is pulling away.

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